Time and Escape

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Well as you noticed not a lot has been going on in the land of Karnij. All of the members sans myself have moved on to other clans and interests. Ever since my return to nightshift my online gaming has gone to zilch. This fall will probably be less of myself, however I do have to finish the last couple of flashes that I started on over a year ago. That is my personal goal for this site. I’m going to blank out the rosters later on 2nite after I clean up my room and take out the main flash intro. I’ll probably turn karnij into a gamer/anime review site (oooh sounds so original =). As I was stating earlier my time this fall will be less of me because of my EMT-I class and trying to friggin finish up on my CS (computer science =)gimmick that I started on when Spain started claiming the new world. As always you know where to find me on IRC or various ezboard threads. Finally as people have noticed here and there, Karnij is no longer active in any leagues. Our last match was a bitter disappointment but no worries. No big good-byes on IRC like most clans. Because Karnij really isn’t saying good-bye to gaming, just saying good-bye to a game. The one thing constant throught Karnij has been the tight friendships and great friends made. If you check the Grunts page there is a small eulogy. Though on the page it only lists |KAR|, take no insult please. I thought of you all, but |KAR| was the last one so they deserve the props…why? Because a lot of people thought the last go around couldn’t top -}KAR{-. I don’t really kare of anyone’s opinions, yet I have to say |KAR| proved them all wrong and went beyond where the earlier generations ended. With a lifespan hitting a little at or over 2 years and a roster boasting some of the best and most talented natural gamers out there. Thanks to all those that played with KAR from October 1999 to May of 2003..especially you Darg0n – yah I forgot to give you props on the grunts. Out of anyone in KAR that I know of…Darg0n is but a few of the X-members serving in our Armed Forces, God Speed my friend. I also have to give up some props to Headless from ez69, thanks T-Mang…your drive helped me get through the rough parts! Also to Lebeter thanks for the west coast pub servers you ho! Shoutouts go to Clans ez69, RTL, members of 404 (you know who you are), FV, UCCLAN, ACM, Killer Opposition, bM, ARM, /tmp/, KoR, Deathbringers, Torque, Dp2, px-sfd and all the pubbers that each of us met throughout KAR’s tenure. The following is just a comedic way of saying how this Karnij left and the future ahead. It kan be found on our now defunct EzBoard(forum board) I made a post on there because though unbelievable as it sounds people still do post on it every so often:

Afflicted Thoughts: A simple Q and A without the F involved

Q: Is this the end of Karnij?
A: No, I made the choice to say good-bye to a game not my clan. As is my time goes a lot to my schooling and job

Q:Why did you stop gaming?
A:Time constraint really, add that to a job where I apply a lot of my energies towards and you get lack of appearance. Add that to summer and a love for jamming on my motorcycle and 4X in my jeep and you increase the MIA number.

Q:Why didn’t anyone else take over?
A:Leading, kontrary to popular belief is quite the thankless and stress filled job. There are only a select few that have the time and actual patience/experience that I would trust to run this klan.

Q:Is Lynx really Gay?
A:well I know we’re not gay…but our friend Lynx…he LOVES the cock! Actually I think he’s pretty heterosexual and likes the boobs that girls have.

Q:Where can I find most members of any KAR?
A:Probably on IRC (on either the West or East irc network on the server irc.gamesnet.net) you can ask Kretz in #karnij, he is usually the most helpful and polite.

Q:How do I use IRC?
A:You’re on the internet, unlike your Mom I am not going to do everything for you even if you are in your mid-20s and still living at home. Go research it…I’ll give you a little push there are programs like mIRC, pirch, bitchx

Q:Why were you guys assholes either in matches or pubbing?
A:We gave the public what they wanted. Someone besides themselves to blame for not being able to play a game, have a good time and realize that in the end it really was just a game.

Q:What will become of karnij.com
A:Well konsidering I own it and Marshall has the copyright on the name…we’ll kome up with something

Q:Will you guys as a whole ever return to tfc or any fps game?
A:People change, and as the saying goes…you kan never return to what you once thought of as home.

Q:Will this end Karnij’s guild?
A:The guild originally was my side project until I took controlling KAR again. Then it turned to just being a place for my good friends to hang out.

Q:What’s in your pocket?

Q:Is your email contact still the same?
A:If you read the news page each person that posts has a mailto link to them. So the answer is yes

Q:What’s the Karnij.com’s next step?
A: gamer opinionated review site, anime reviews and maybe even some sports and motorcycle talk.

Q:Can I join the Karnij.com staff?
A:if you have a sister that is decent looking and likes to pose for pictures, I’ll take it under consideration.

Q:Boxers or briefs?
A:depends on the porn site and if I have a candle lit

Q:What are you thinking of right now?
A:Could you love me in a Bentley? Could you love me on a bus? I’ll ask 21 questions, and they all about us Girl…It’s easy to love me now Would you love me if I was down and out? Would you still have love for me?

Take Kare all, and thanks for the support!

Love ya like a fat kid loves cake
Ryan C

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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