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Destiny 2

Since 1993 Karnij has existed in some sort or another. Originally the name was chosen as bar trivia game name. We were only allowed to use 6 characters, and Carnage was too long. We changed the "age" to "ij" and to keep with the new styling changed the "C" to a "K".

Our first video game we started playing under the name Karnij was Team Fortress Classic. The name was original used by our group in late 1999. By 2000 we started entering different internet tournaments…. and by 2001 we started making a name for ourselves.

We used to call the website “KLAN KARNIJ KONNEKTION”. We decided the acronym that it created didn’t quite work.

Some Cool Facts

Team Fortress Classic Numbers:

World Ranking


Kami…. err… Johnikaze now streams on Twitch. We do have a limited Discord server. And the name is used in World of Warcraft. Still figuring out who’s using the name.


Karnij did live on in other games though. Final Fantasy XI being one of the bigger ones. It currently lives on with a small Destiny 2 group.

Karnij retired from TFC on December 13, 2004 after losing the title of STA Gold Champions to Catalyst.

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